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Land of Hope and Glory


Land of Hope and Glory

Despite a daily increase of around 9,000 corona virus cases a day, it’s full steam ahead with Royal Ascot with 12,000 lucky punters on each day  being able to attend the Berkshire bubble this week.

It is an amazing event with colossal amounts of Bolly, eye wateringly expensive dresses and an air or ambience of hedonism that has prevailed over world wars pandemics and economic hardship generally. The communal singing at the end of each day’s racing is a wonderful feature which our administrators would do well to look at here.

Toby is having a short break to spend his Nettoyer money. He’ll probably stay local with a possible stay at a resort somewhere   on 90 mile beach Gippsland offering the chance to recharge his batteries in time for a return on the Horse’s birthday, August 1.


Race 1 Secret Glamour (8) Somewhat Fabulous (7) Bon Vivant (2)   Turn it Up Tommy

Race 5 One More Try (3) Betcha Flying (7) Galaxy Raider ( 1) & Pancho  (2)

Race 8 Rubisaki (11) Odeon (8) Yulong January (1) Romancer (3)

Jamie Kah Special

Race 1 Forbidden City (9) Race 2 South Pacific (2) Race 3 Toff Love (5) Race 4 Poysed to Reign (9)

Race 5  Kuribi (9) Race 7 Snickerdoodledandy (3) Race 8 Odeon (8)

Theme Bet

Our theme bet this week is class or lack thereof:

Race 1 Secret Glamour (8) Race 2 Fanciful Toff (5) Race 5 Mr Exclusive (4) Race 6 Exalted Crown (13)

A Yankee or Formula 23 &4 bet costing $5.50 will yield a dividend of $19,279 which while not life changing should allow you to live above your station for a little while at least.

Toby’s Titanic Lay of the Day   

Race 5 Kuribi (9)



Sandown in the Winter

Sandown in the Winter

COVID restrictions aside, it’s hard to imagine a more desolate place then Sandown in the middle of winter. This venue attracted over 50,000 people when it opened in 1965, an era that bought the Vietnam war, man’s landing on the moon, The Beatle’s and Jean Shrimpton.

The crowds have got a lot smaller since then and nothing much has changed at Sandown except for the value of the real estate that it sits on.

This year sixties buffs will be able to enjoy their Nescafe and Chiko Roll in the warmth and comfort of their own homes and hopefully cheer home a winner both at Sandown and at Eagle Farm’s premier meeting.


Race 5 Dr Drill (1) Spring Choice (9) Bedford (5)  Mongolian Marshall (5)

Race 6 Tooradin (7) Ocean Miss (10) Degraves (4) & Blue Ocean (14)

Race 8 Ballet Master (7) Defiant Dancer (2) Jumbo Ozaki (5) King Magnus (12)

Jamie Kah Special

Race 1 Mimosas (1) Race 2 Jayrod Too (6) Race 3 Sweet Sixteen (4) Race 4 La Richesse (8) Race 6 Ocean Miss (10) Race 8 Arkham Knight (11) Race 9 William Thomas (2)

Eagle Farm

Race 7 Blushing Tycoon (8) Race 8 Amish Boy (20) & Race 9 Madam Rouge (3)

Theme Bet

This week’s theme bet is Sweet Bird of Youth (apologies to the late Tennessee Williams);

Race 2 Saunter Boy (1) Race 3 Sweet Sixteen (3) Race 6 Influential Girl (8)  &  Race 8 Kalashani Lad (16)

If all these horses get over the line on Saturday and you have taken a Yankee or Parlay 23 &4 bet costing 5.50 for half a unit, get in the queue for a massive dividend of $166,891 which should be able to pay for heaps of plastic surgery.

Toby’s Titanic Lay of the Day   

Race 3 Eagle Farm Ayrton (2)









Playing away from Home

The win by two local trainers (excluding Chris Waller’s although he does have stables in Brisbane) of two of the Group races at Eagle Farm shows how much horse’s love racing at their home tracks.

There were some pretty big names who failed on Saturday including Ayrton Gytrash Trekking (whose best days may be behind him). It is hard work to transport a horse and settle it into a new environment. Hong Kong for example has been a grave- yard {metaphorically speaking} for many Australian champions just as Perth tends to be for horses from the Eastern States.

There are of course exceptions, but they tend to be champions. Horses like Better Loosen up Choisir  and Takeover Target. (pictured in Hong Kong where things didn’t work out that well)  These horses come along once in a generation. Even Black Caviar although she won struggled to show her best at Royal Ascot and there is a reason that Chris Waller did n’t take Winx abroad.

As a punter you’ll do better if you stick to the locals.

Jamie Kah Special

Not inconceivable that she could ride the card here.

Race 1 Grand Promenade (2) Race 2 Snickerdoodledandy (3) Race 3 Thought of That (3) Race 4 Prasiolite (9) Race 5 Odeon (6) Race 6 Way to go Paula (8) Race 7 Redwood Shadow (5) Race 8 Yulong Command (3) Race 9 Excelman (13)

Theme bet

Our Theme bet this week is the Northern Hemisphere Race 1 Norway (4) Race 5 Reykjavik (1) Race 6 Michigan (5) Race 9 Portland Jimmy (3).

An attractive dividend of $134,004 awaits if all of these horses win and you have taken a Yankee or Parlay 23 & 4 but forget about spending the money on travel


Race 1 Grand Promenade (2) Vividredsky (7) Haky (1) & South Pacific

Race 6 Standoff (7) Way to Go Paula (8)  Volatore (6) Sweet Sixteen (9)

Race 8 All of Brighton (2) Pioneer River (6) The Big Easy (9) & Curran (5)

Eagle Farm

Race 5 Splintex (1)

Race 8 Oaks Charm Star (8)

Toby’s Titanic(Lay of the Day) 

Race 5 Rubaskai (8)